Digital Mastering

Mastering is the final step in the recording process and where the final product comes to life. The digital master is the master the majority of your listeners will hear.

Mastering plays a crucial role in making your music sound as good as possible regardless of the delivery format or playback system. Mastering for CD, downloads or streaming is the final crucial step between you and your listener.

Mastering by Ron Skinner is an Apple Digital Masters certified studio.

VINYL Mastering

The resurgence of vinyl continues. Vinyl records give artists a great way to present their music in a physical form and for many, it is the preferred way to listen to music.

Mastering for vinyl is a unique process that is very different from mastering for CD or digital release. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you create a special master for the vinyl pressing process.

I will prepare a vinyl pre-master that meets the needs of the lacquer cutting engineer and is vinyl ready.


Not sure which direction to take your recording project? Or maybe you need a fresh set of ears.

While Mastering is my first love I have also mixed hundreds of projects in a wide range of genres. If you are looking for a mix engineer, consider me.

Or if you want advice during production, tracking, or mixing you can include me in the process at any point for mix consultation.

I also accommodate stem mastering if desired.

For mixing services, mix consultation or stem mastering please feel free to contact me.
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