A unique mastering studio with a historic lakeside backdrop that utilizes modern mastering tools and techniques.


Mastering By Ron Skinner - Studio

Mastering Studio Equipment

At the heart of the studio is the Sadie 6 DAW. Sadie has long been considered the most accurate audio editing tool available and features full PQ Editing and a suite of tools specifically designed for the mastering engineer.


Analog Mastering Channels

Other highlights of the mastering suite are the two unique analog mastering channels. The Solid State Channel features an Avalon 2055 Mastering EQ and 2044 Stereo Compressor. The Tube Channel features A-Designs Hammer 2 Tube Equalizer and Nail Tube Compressor. Both channels allow for tailor-made tone sculpting.


Digital Tools

All this analog gear is also complimented by powerful digital tools including IZotope's Ozone Mastering Suite and RX Sound Restoration as well as a wide assortment of other digital tools from brands like Leapwing Audio and Sound Theory.

Mastering by Ron Skinner is powered by:


The studio is located on Lake Erie in the historic fishing village of Port Stanley. Located 20 miles South of London, Ontario this quiet picturesque village provides an ideal environment for mastering your next song or album.

While the studio is located in a rural setting, it still features some of the best mastering tools available today.